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Augmented Reality – Copy Paste Real the World

Aside from consuming VC cash and teaching people in general on how startlingly huge ruler penguins are, what is enlarged

augmented reality

Matterport app brings 3D capture to your iPhone

Revolutionary way to capture spaces in 3D with just your iPhone or iPad. Download the free Matterport Capture app to

Inline AR 8th Wall
augmented reality

Inline AR by 8th Wall

8th Wall has gotten synonymous with WebAR, fueling several business WebAR sites over the world. Our SDK gives moment surface

augmented reality

Advertising Enters Augmented Reality

How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Evolving Advertising Strategies Today

augmented reality

WebAR – Connect4

You like to play board and similar games with your friends but right now can’t because of this situation?Say no

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Apples iPad Pro’s LiDAR Scanner

What Apples iPad Pro’s LiDAR Scanner sees when it’s mapping your room Similar to the Face ID scanner on the

augmented reality

AR Animals in Google Search

Things you will need An Android smartphone running Android 7.0 or higher / iPhone running iOS 11 or later Google

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VR Fitness

VR Fitness , possible or not? How to stay fit in times like this?

augmented reality

Augmented Reality on Google

Augmented Reality on Google. This is the future of ecommerce 😀

augmented reality

AR Indoor navigation

Did you ever get lost in a shopping mall?