ARKit ( iOS)

List of Awesome iOS/ARKit Open Source projects.

  • ARPaint (last change 6/22/18): “demonstrates how to draw in the air with bare fingers using ARKit and Vision libraries introduced in iOS 11.” Video Demo.
  • Arkit-occlusion (last change 8/24/ 17): “This ARKit+SceneKit project shows how to “track” vertical planes (relative to horizontal planes anyway), and how to occlude objects with real world geometry.” Video Demo. Occlusion is also an item that Google is currently working on including with their ARCore framework through the DepthAPI (which they previously had a Call for collaborators). Here is a video of it in action!
  • cARd (last change 9/3/17): “Simple demo of animated card made with ARKit + SceneKit.” Let’s decrease our physical material footprint with virtual AR Cards! Here is a tweet of the demo. A similar project (from the list) augments business cards!
  • FaceRecognition-in-ARKit (last change 3/13/18): “This is a simple showcase project, that detects faces using the Vision-API and runs the extracted face through a CoreML-model to identify the specific persons.” The GIF on the project’s GitHub page reminds me of various face filters created with SparkAR Studio! 
  • WallStreaming (last change 4/17/18): “Small example demonstrating how to play a video on a wall using ARKit.” The next evolution of Projectors?


List of Awesome Android/ARCore Open Source projects.

  • Portal Painter (last change 8/7/18): “Doodle new worlds onto your own, with Google ARCore.” Looks like a great way to prove out how a potential mural would look like on a wall! 
  • Drawalong AR: “An AR experiment to transform educational YouTube art tutorials into virtual tracing paper.” An accompanying Medium article was also written that goes over how the project was built! 
  • Lantern (last change 4/8/19): “Transform any surface into mixed-reality using Raspberry Pi, a laser projector, and Android Things.” “…a connected projector that explores the relationships between surfaces and content.”
  • Weird Cuts: “Make collages and assemblages in AR space using photography”
  • ARCore for All (last change 12/17/18): “Google ARCore (dev preview 1) for “unsupported” Android devices”

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