Some months ago, Road To VR unveiled that Canon was going to update its mixed reality offering with the Mreal MD-20, a high-quality passthrough AR headset that substituted the previous MD-10 model. The MD series looked bulky but offered very high specs for the current generation of AR. The horizontal FOV was more than 80° for instance, and the resolution was more than 2K*2K per eye. The problem of this headset was the very steep price: the MD-10 cost more than $80,000 (yes, you’ve read it well! And you complain about the $3500 for a HoloLens 2…), and for this reason it was destined only for the enterprise market and only in Japan.

This week, Canon has unveiled the Mreal S1, a complete upgrade over the previous models, that features a very slick design: the headset is very thin and features upgraded specifications. It can be worn on the head thanks to a halo band, or you can simply put it on your face by keeping it with your hands (like a Cardboard). The look is much cooler and reminds a bit of the Lynx R-1.

I would like to tell you more info like the price, availability, or specifications, but the website still features all the data of the old model, if not for the home page (that anyway, is all in Japanese). The only thing that we can see from the images is that it is a tethered headset, and that features cameras for the passthrough vision.

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