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Omnivor and Nike made super AR collaboration

Omnivor is super excited to announce our collaboration with Nike. Come experience the future of retail with endless possibilities. Engage

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Google Maps gets improved Live View AR directions

Few days ago I was in the city and didn’t manage to find object I need to visit. So I

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Will Web AR Vie for AR Advertising Market Share?

Web AR has some nice advantages,” 8th Wall CEO Erik Murphy-Chutorian told ARtillery Intelligence. “You’re not tied into a social

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Ten Instagram filter creators you need to follow

With the few millions Instagram filters, we can be sure that there are at least several thousand creators. So, to

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AR T rex for Instagram

Model was scanned with mobile phone, processed in Meshroom and optimized in Blender with new AR Toolkit.

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ARKit 4

ARKit 4 on iPadOS introduces a brand-new Depth API, creating a new way to access the detailed depth information gathered by the

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Install Play Store On Your Oculus Quest

In this video, The Mysticle will show you how to install the Play store onto your Oculus Quest. Even though

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Future of Music in AR powered by 8th Wall

Mawari Inc. announced their Future of Music WebAR Experience at AWE (Augmented World Expo).

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8th Wall Face Effects

8th Wall Introducing hashtag FaceEffects Create unique, interactive and real-time hashtag WebAR face filters that can live on any website

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Volumetric capture video

Please enjoy watching this new Volumetric Capture technology from Realmotion’s VFX tools.