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How web-based AR can help retailers boost customer engagement and sales

Rock Paper Reality’s Co- Founder, Patrick Johnson highlights the benefits of web-based AR content experiences, specifically in the retail sector.

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8th Wall Face Effects

8th Wall Introducing hashtag FaceEffects Create unique, interactive and real-time hashtag WebAR face filters that can live on any website

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AR Instagram effects for brands

We talked before about how brands should use Instagram and Facebook Filters or Effects. So, I made one for Podravka,

Inline AR 8th Wall
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Inline AR by 8th Wall

8th Wall has gotten synonymous with WebAR, fueling several business WebAR sites over the world. Our SDK gives moment surface

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Advertising Enters Augmented Reality

How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Evolving Advertising Strategies Today

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WebAR – Connect4

You like to play board and similar games with your friends but right now can’t because of this situation?Say no

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Apples iPad Pro’s LiDAR Scanner

What Apples iPad Pro’s LiDAR Scanner sees when it’s mapping your room Similar to the Face ID scanner on the

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AR Animals in Google Search

Things you will need An Android smartphone running Android 7.0 or higher / iPhone running iOS 11 or later Google

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Augmented Reality on Google

Augmented Reality on Google. This is the future of ecommerce 😀

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AR Indoor navigation

Did you ever get lost in a shopping mall?