With the few millions Instagram filters, we can be sure that there are at least several thousand creators. So, to find our way around, we thought to introduce you to the “must follow” 10 filter creators on Instagram.

Ines Alpha (@ines.alpha)

Ines Alpha filters are known for their beauty and the fantasy they inspire. It’s no wonder when you consider that she first learned about the world of 3D when she was an artistic director in the beauty industry. The main theme of its filters is 3D makeup, the goal of which is to bring out the improved human: more beautiful, more design, more…

Marc Wakefield (@marcwakefieldards)

Mark Wakefield is a passionate graphic artist. Self-taught, he has completed many successful projects in 3D, AR, VR and 360 video. On Instagram, many are eager for his filters which are stunning both visually and technically. Its filters are very varied, you have the choice between its famous creation Creepy clown or discovering your mechanical skull by opening your face, and much more. Small anecdote: he met Mark Zuckerberg.

Aliya Ataulova (@whiteabysses)

Aliya Ataulova is the realization of “When there’s a will there’s a way!”. Without any experience in 3D, she has now become one of the most famous filter makers. Indeed, impressed by the effect and the possibilities of filters, she decides to become a creator by learning directly on Spark AR. Her creations are beautiful and mix the world of fashion and fantasy with a futuristic touch. No wonder how captivating her filters are as she knows how to bring that little sparkle that is missing in our daily life.

Ommy Akhe (@autonommy)

Ommy has made a name for herself in Spark AR, thanks to her filters revolving around the fashion word. Her Supersede filter has earned her a place in the ranking of the 10 best filters of 2019. With the magic of augmented reality, Ommy transforms ordinary clothes into haute couture, shoes into a work of art, and adds original accessories to the face. One thing’s for sure, following Ommy is making sure you’re up to date on the trends.

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Noland Chaliha (@alwayscodingsomething)

An iconic figure of Spark AR, Noland Chaliha is one of the most beloved creators. He is very active both in creating filters and in his contribution to the Spark AR community. Indeed, Noland Chaliha does not only devote time to answering questions, he also produces many tutorials. He can be seen as one of those who help in the technical development of Spark AR and the creator community. His filters are known for their technicality and that “why didn’t I think about it before?” effect.

Piotar Boa (@piotar_boa)

Piotar Boa’s experience with filters is what can be described as immense. He was among the first to officially become a filter creator on Instagram. With his background, it’s no wonder he’s considered as one of thetop 10 designers in the world. He has made several hundreds filters for celebrities and big brands. He has participated twice in the AR Hackaton organized by Facebook in 2018 and 2019, as well as in the PARIS Paris Augmented Reality Influencers Show 2019, organized by Flamingo Filter. His filters are varied and it is difficult not to find one that you like.

Johanna Jakowska (@johwska)

We can say that the beauty world on Instagram has experienced a revival thanks to Johanna Jakowska. This creator has drawn the attention of many with her “beauty 3000” filter, as well as for the quality and fantasy of her creations. Her work mostly revolves around light and reflections, and when she incorporates these two concepts into face filters, the results are simply breathtaking.

Roman Pillai (@theroznick)

Roman Pillai is a new AR talent who has nothing to envy to his seniors. He offers users both opposing and complementary types of filters, so be sure you’ll enjoy his creations. He works on filters with very realistic textures, making you doubt what is real and what is augmented. Roman also creates super fun filters with explosions of colors and shapes that defy the imagination.

Luke Hurd (@lukehurd)

When it comes to his experience as a SparkAR creator, the fact that Luke Hurd is one of the oldest creators on Instagram speaks for itself. His works are very popular because they inspire dreams and reveal the universe from a whole new angle. His creations also benefited National Geographic, with whom he worked for a while. In addition, his YouTube channel is inseparable from the development of the Spark AR community.

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#backtothefuture is on netflix

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Caroline rocha (@frenchsinger)

The creator Caroline Rocha started out as just a filter influencer-collector, acting as an interface between users and filter makers. She is famous for having tested over 2000 filters for her photos, hence her alias “Filter Queen”. Caroline’s creations are very popular for their fun and above all wacky sides, they are perfect for changing the mood after an exhausting day.

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