Please enjoy watching this new Volumetric Capture technology from Realmotion’s VFX tools.

Choose your outfit in Augmented Reality. It is now possible to capture a moving model, simulate the physics of their clothes and “re-dress” them virtually. So potential fashion customers can not only select and see how their outfit will look, but also how it MOVES. And all from their phone at the breakfast table!

They used their uniform tool to create a consistent mesh of the volumetric capture for a ‘Re-dressing’ use-case. With the uniformed mesh, they were able to add realistic simulated clothes on top of the captured person.

After that they mocked-up an AR App that lets the user change between different clothes and their materials. This could be used to try on clothes virtually and see them in motion on a real person’s captured movement or have a virtual fashion show in AR/VR with famous people in your own home for example. Thanks to Mantis Vision for the volumetric capture system, RLab&Todd Bryant and Lauren LeBeouf.

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