VR Fitness , possible or not?

How to stay fit in times like this?

Last year in December I managed to buy a Facebook Oculus Quest. Before that I had a VR for mobile phone and after that Samsung GO, who was pretty neat, but moving was not so good and games/apps weren’t something special.

On the other hand Oculus was really different. Comfortable, lot of good games, good graphics and sound. I started with the most popular games like Beat Saber, Pirate Trainer, Pistol Whip, Vader Mortal, Moss, Superhot VR, …

Playing those VR games I started to feel that some games really make me sweat.

So, I bought the Box VR to test it more.

First time after playing Box VR for one hour I was tired and felt like I finished crossfit training and spent even more Calories than on training (that needs to be tested to be confirmed).

I measured my training both in game and on my Garmin Instict and there were some differences. As you progress through the game, levels are tougher and longer.

In conclusion, you can stay fit if you watch what you eat and exercise regularly even in Virtual Reality. 👍🤩

PS. You can see me playing Box VR below.

Buy Facebook Oculus Box VR here https://lnkd.in/di9Mf3R

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